Luke Maynard of Therapeutic Release is certified
in ART (Active Release Techniques®)
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Services Offered by Therapeutic Release

30 Minute Massage

Specific and direct to your needs.  Whether you are looking for 30 minutes of relaxation or trying to get out a tight knot this service can be personalized for the results you are looking for.  Perfect for runners looking for leg work or office workers looking for neck work, the options are endless.
30 Min - $45

Anti-Stress Massage

If you have never received a massage before, this is the perfect one to start with.  The Anti-Stress Massage, also known as a Swedish Massage, is very popular, using various strokes to warm up the muscles.  It is a tranquil service which promotes relaxation and eases muscle tension for every type of client. Work with our massage therapists to personalize this service and receive the results you are looking for.
60 Min - $65 | 90 Min - $95 | 120 Min - $145 

Sports Massage

Combining deep massage and stretching, this massage relieves muscular tension, pain and discomfort helping increase flexibility as well as circulation. It is ideal for clients that are athletic and fitness enthusiasts. With a concentration on specific muscle groups, this massage can help speed muscle recovery.
60 Min - $75 | 90 Min - $105 | 120 Min - $155

Deep Tissue Massage

Consisting of deep and focused muscle work, we recommend this massage for clients who experience consistent pain, are involved in physical activity (such as athletes), or whom have sustained physical injury.  The massage therapist will focus on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  Corrective and therapeutic, this treatment releases chronic patterns of tension with slow strokes and pressure.
60 Min - $75 | 90 Min - $105 | 120 Min - $155

Out of consideration for our staff and clients we have a 24 hour cancelation policy.
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