Luke Maynard of Therapeutic Release is certified
in ART (Active Release TechniquesĀ®)
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About Therapeutic Release

Therapeutic Release, LLC was founded by Licensed Massage Therapist, Luke Maynard. The company was founded to promote physically and mentally healthy lifestyles through massage and bodywork. No matter which type of massage you are looking for, every different type of client will discover the benefits of each massage therapy session.

Luke Maynard, LMT
Luke Maynard, LMT is founder and head therapist at Therapeutic Release, LLC.  He uses his techniques in everyday life and focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Over the years Luke has found a strong connection with massage therapy.  It is a passion of his and since graduating from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2008, receiving his license has been one of his greatest personal achievements.  As a massage therapist he loves creating connections with his clients and knowing that the work he is doing on them is helping them live better lifestyles, physically and mentally.

Luke posses a strong working knowledge of the physical anatomy and body movement.  He draws upon his training and highly developed intuitive skills to help identify muscular imbalances.  With his current clients as well as future ones he believes that every session is to be customized to their specific needs and is always ready to give clients his full attention.  Whether they live a physically demanding or highly stressful lifestyle, he is there to provide for them.   


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